Don't just compare, Let the banks compete

Now, watch the banks compete for your loan, in real-time. Then you
pick the rate and loan that suits your requirement.

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This smart, automated digital platform helps you save thousands on your borrowings.
It's easy, spam-free, unbiased and of-course FREE.

  • Request For Quote

    Fill out a simple form to create your profile. It’s safe, secure and won't take more than 5 minutes.

  • Watch The Banks Compete

    Banks start competing for your business and see each other's bids.You get their best offer.

  • You Are The Winner

    Once you choose the best offer, we connect you directly with the Lender to sign-off the documents.

Why Gullakh is the best option for you


It's transparent & Convenient

Checking with every single lender takes time. Loan brokers can be biased. Comparison sites have static data and can be confusing. Gullakh brings the lenders to you and lets you choose and deal directly with lenders. We make you, save time, money and avoid hassle!


It's a near Perfect Competition

Gullakh is an online marketplace for loans. From your digital dashboard, you can see every rate bid on your loan… and so can all the other lenders. This means the competitive tension makes the lenders sweat it out to offer you better than their standard rates.


No obligation! No Risk! It's FREE

No spam emails! No unwanted calls!. For us, you're not a lead on a spreadsheet. You are not bound to accept any offers and your contact information is kept hidden until you select an offer from a lender. Deal or no deal… you choose!

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