Why is Gullakh’s Reverse Auction so simple to use?

Gullakh’s Reverse Auction platform has been created to give loan seekers convenience, empowerment, and transparency.

It is more of a straight line approach. When looking a loan, you would walk into a bank branch, meet with the relationship manager, take all the pamphlets, go away, think about it, read other advertisements and see what’s on websites.

Now you can make the banks come to you.

“Gullakh is simple to use because of its convenience. All you have to do is click ‘Request For Quote’ on the homepage to fill up a three-minute profile building form.”

You can start a Reverse Auction at Gullakh.com and create the same competitive tension as you would have in making appointments with several banks. You can do it on your mobile phone, in the convenience of your lounge room, or on the local or metro train to work.

Gullakh rewards good customers. Customers with a good credit score ie. above 650, a steady income and disciplined banking habits.

Gullakh is so simple because banks want reliable and low-risk customers to lend them. The lenders are more likely to be more aggressive in their loan offers to win these customers.

Gullakh provides you with the ability to create competitive tension between the banks. When you start a Reverse Auction at Gullakh.com you are telling lenders that you’re interested in finding the best rates on loan. You make the rules.