Who we are

We are Gullakh- India’s First Digital Marketplace for Loans where banks compete to offer you the best interest rates and terms

“We bring in transparency, empowerment, and convenience in your search for a better loan rate”

At Gullakh, we want you to get the best possible rates on loans.

Founded with 30 years of combined experience in banking and finance in the India Loan Market, Gullakh presents a truly digital marketplace featuring Loan search using Reverse Auction. By creating competitive tension amongst the banks, chances are we get you a lower interest rate on your loan. We are dedicated to giving you a simplified and transparent process for finding or refinancing a loan.

The retail lending process shouldn’t be confusing. We want to put you in control of your loans.

Don’t stress about researching or negotiating a loan by yourself. Searching for a better interest rate and loan terms can be overwhelming when banks offer multiple packages, features, and special offers. Sometimes people rely on the advice of accountants or loan brokers to guide them through the details, but the process doesn’t have to be so complex.

Gullakh’s Reverse Auction helps you by creating a competitive environment for lenders to outbid each other on our platform for your business. Your loan business is the prize money for the lenders. The strain and responsibility lie on the lenders as we bring the banks to you. Our marketplace offers a transparent and simplified process, all done through the convenience of your mobile device.

So instead of relying on the advice of a loan broker or searching the loan comparison websites, we give you complete transparency by comparing your options on your own dashboard.

Using Competition We Get You Lower Interest Rates and Better Loan Terms

Whether you’re seeking a Home Loan, Personal Loan, Car Loan, Loan Against Property, Business Loan, we help you by facilitating competition between lenders.

On Gullakh, lenders are able to see what their competitors are offering to you. The transparency between both the borrowers and the participating lenders creates a forceful and competitive tension that is otherwise unachievable.

There’s no need to call up different lenders and negotiate individually. Gullakh makes the commuting banks share their rates in a transparent way and drives down rates as each lender can bid time and time again to win your business. We act as the ultimate financial marketplace, giving you the most competitive and current offers.

Get a Better Home Loan Rate Tailored to Your Own Profile

Never before the lenders had the opportunity to directly pursue qualified opportunities with consumers. The technology we use at Gullakh enables our lenders to pursue their own individual growth and improve customer acquisition strategies.

This is solely in your interest, as the competitive atmosphere encourages the lenders that value your business to place their best foot forward.

When you create a profile with us at Gullakh to request for a quote, the lender will have access to your basic information such as your age, pin code, salary, the name of employer and credit score. The traditional way of finding a loan involves lenders matching you to the most appropriate existing loan package they work with.

But instead of viewing your business as one that can be fit into a standard rate, lenders are incentivized to lower their rates and offer better terms.

Don’t feel pressured by the need to collect all the information on your own, and don’t miss out on the competitive interest rates which the comparison websites can’t display! Try out Gullakh today.

Discover how Gullakh’s Reverse Auction Works