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Gullakh’s Reverse Auction platform is FREE for you!

Finding the best loan offer was a tedious process. Either you visited banks to ask for the best rates or you went to a loan comparison website to check the rates or consulted a loan agent. The rates and loan features mentioned on the comparison websites are static. Even after all that, the loan you took might not be the best option available to you.
Shopping for a loan shouldn’t be that hard.

Gullakh is here to help. As a free, online dynamic marketplace for home loans, personal loans, car loans, loan against property, business loans Gullakh provides you with better loan rates. Our unique digital matchmaking algorithm connects excellent consumers with lenders who are looking for customers with good credit profile. The lesser risk for banks means finer rates and better features for Customers.

When you use Gullakh’s Reverse Auction platform, lenders compete to get your business. That means you’re able to see the real-time bidding battle for your loan. This transparent competition inspires lenders to offer their best rates and allows you to select the best loan interest rate for you.

“Gullakh gets paid a small referral fee only on disbursement of your loan”

With Gullakh’s Reverse Auction platform, you don’t have to worry about the following:

  • No bias created by Gullakh as there is full transparency in the offers being made
  • The offers are dynamic based on your credit profile
  • Documents are collected directly by the chosen bank
  • No risk of your documents or your private financial data being put to misuse as it may happen with the salespeople of DSAs
  • No mis-selling as you don’t deal with un-trained, lowly paid sales team of DSAs
  • Unlike loan comparison websites, no unwanted calls and spam emails as we keep your contact information hidden and share only with the lender whom you declare as a winner

This low origination cost and fast turn-around-time to the lenders make them eager to bid for your loan. This works in your favor, allowing you to shop smart and quickly for the best loan interest rate available to you. Gullakh customers enjoy highly competitive and personalized loan rates, meaning you pay less over the life of the loan.

Gullakh helps consumers like you find the best interest rates on loans with:

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