How Gullakh Helps You to Find the Best Rates on Loans

The search for the best loan rates can be a long, tiring process. Moreover, it can be quite confusing at times. Endless meetings with banks and DSAs(Direct Sales Agents), pamphlets and jargon…how do you know whether you have really received the best possible interest rate and terms?

At Gullakh, we understand the struggles you go through when you’re searching for a loan. That’s why we created Reverse Auction platform – to simplify a complicated process so that you can get the best result you’ve been haggling for.

So, how does Gullakh help you to get the best rates for your loan?

Loans in India – Made Simple and Transparent

With Gullakh, you’re comparing an apple with an apple. That’s one of the great things about Gullakh when compared to a loan comparison site. We help you create your own preference list based on Interest rate or processing fee or other loan parameters. We also indicate an approximation of the maximum amount you can borrow from any lender, calculated by our algorithms, basis the information provided by you. We are a neutral platform, and display to you all the quotes available to you from various lenders, LIVE. We do NOT push any particular product of ban. We have No biases attached.

We simply connect good consumers like your with lenders to get some of the lowest rates that are available in the marketplace.

There’s no commitment for either you or the lender. Think of us as a matchmaker for those trying to get the best rates based on the risk profile.

We are the eliminators of the Confusion, and the Middleman

With 92 Private, Foreign and Public Sector Banks operating in India, the loans market has become very confusing over the last 20 years by adding so many different features and products. It’s too confusing, as are most loan comparison sites.

With Gullakh, the banks are competing on a standardised product offering but also customising their loan proposal based on your need. We understand that with all the loan comparison sites, DSAs and plenty of banks complicating your search for the best interest rate on loans, clarity and simplicity are incredibly important.

We want to help you find the best possible loan proposal both in terms of interest rate and loan terms. And, through our no-obligation, free platform, you can do just that.