How Gullakh Gets You a Better Rate on Your Loan

Surely, everyone looks for the lowest interest rate on a loan. Do you know it is easy to put the banks to the test and maybe get a better interest rate?

At Gullakh, we help loan seekers get a better rate on loan through a dynamic online marketplace for banks to compete. Banks compete to win your business.

“Gullakh matches good-profile, creditworthy loan seekers with the lending partners.”

Our lending partners challenge each other, bidding for your business. They bid online with great interest rates to win your loan business. We bring in risk-based pricing for the loan seekers with our digital Reverse Auction platform. And during the whole process, no one calls or bothers you with SMS, emails as your contact details remain masked.

“Gullakh gives YOU, the power to get a better-discounted interest rate.”

Starting a Reverse Auction on is easy and free. It takes approximately 3 minutes to enter your profile and you can do it from a computer, phone or tablet.

So why should you use Gullakh’s Reverse Auction Platform?

These five differences potentially enable Gullakh to get you a better rate on your loan.

1. Removing the middleman.

Gullakh eliminates the middleman from the transaction and lets the lenders bid online to you directly. So, no more dealing with ill-trained executives of sales channel partners of lenders. We let the lenders connect directly with you.

This results in lenders not having to pay a high commission to the sales channels. Banks can offer lower rates because they aren’t paying high commissions to the Direct Sales Agents(DSA) and their pricing is based on the risk perceived from your profile information and the credit score.

 By removing the costly sourcing channel from the loan value chain process, this allows lenders to be more competitive with their offers. Consumers can then benefit from the cost savings passed directly to them.

2. Gullakh gives loan consumers with a good profile a marketplace to drive competition.

Gullakh provides you with the ability to create competitive tension.

When you start a Reverse Auction at, you are telling lenders that you’re interested in finding the best rate and loan terms.

You make the rules. This is how the Customer-comes-first.

You can use the Reverse Auction at, to determine parameters of your loan. Reverse Auction can be as short as 24 hours, but no longer than three days.

The banks compete in an open market and their lower interest rates are offered directly to you.

Our lenders want your business. Competitive tension means that they do not want you to go to a competitor. They bid with some of the best interest rates available to win your business.

3. Gullakh rewards consumers with good profile and with sound credit history.

Gullakh rewards good customers. Customers with a good credit score, a steady income, and a good employer. Banks want reliable and low-risk customers to offer a loan to them. The Lenders are likely to be more aggressive in their loan offers to win these customers.

At Gullakh we believe that no two loans should have the same interest rate. There are too many factors that make each customer unique.

Our partner lenders will see your loan application while your name, email, phone number, address will be hidden until the time you select a lender which suits your loan requirement.

Lenders use this information to bid with a very competitive personalized interest rate on your home loan. At times, even the other terms like, processing fee, tenure, pre-payment charges etc offered are better than the ones that are advertised through other sourcing channels.

The more attractive features of your profile they see, then the more aggressively they will bid to win your business.

4. Reverse Auction at is free for consumers & has no obligations attached.

When you start a Reverse Auction at, there is no commitment, plus it is free to use.

Gullakh is providing a digital marketplace more open and transparent to both the consumers and the lenders. We not only get the best offers on loans but also reduce the noise in getting the best loan offers. We do not share your contact details and name with any lender till you decide on the lender.

We charge a small fee to the banks for access to the marketplace but Gullakh is free for you to use. We are a digital open-marketplace providing a platform for lenders to find best-fit consumers and for consumers to find best loan offers.

During your Reverse Auction at, you will be presented with your own dashboard.

Once you choose the Lender, ONLY the chosen banker contacts you directly. Although there is no obligation from your side and the final choice for taking a loan rests with you.

5. You will only get contacted by the winner lender.

You declare the winning bank, and only that lender receives your contact details. So a lender will not be able to contact you unless you declare them the winner at the end of the Reverse Auction .

This means no unwanted phone calls, no spam emails, and no pushy salespeople or middlemen. So you are no more a lead on a spreadsheet being sold to multiple lenders and at times even to the DSAs(brokers).

Declaring a winner of a Reverse Auction at is not a commitment at all. Declaring a winner means you would like to be contacted to discuss this great offer and proceed with the application.