How Gullakh Brings in Convenience and Transparency In the Search For Best Loan

Even with 91 different Scheduled Banks operating in India, the customer lacks the bargaining power. The reason being information asymmetry and lack of a Real-Time digital platform for the consumers to scout for the lowest interest rate with customized loan parameters.

Banks understand the hassles of long drawn process of getting quotes and the adverse impact of it on the credit score of the customers. Only a near perfect competition can only lead to change the way banks acquire customers.

Team Gullakh aims to bring to you complete transparency. We would make the banks sweat it out for your business by competing against each other. The whole process is transparent and on a live reverse-auction marketplace. With the use of our cutting edge digital technology, our algorithms help you find a lender you deserve.

With a single application on our platform you reach all our lending partners who then bid with their best offers to get your business.

“Get the right loan, the right way”

Your credit score and personal profile is shared digitally with the participating lenders while keeping your contact details masked. Your loan requirement is visible to all the lenders simultaneously along with the offers you are getting from other Banks. This results in lowering of rate of interest and more favourable loan terms. As we grow in Loan applications on, it increases our collective bargaining power to negotiate the best offer for you.

At Gullakh, we want our Reverse Auction digital platform to show you how easy finding a lender with the lowest rates and best features has become.

The effort of researching and negotiating the best rates on loan is significantly reduced by using Gullakh’s Reverse Auction platform. Experience the convenience of using Reverse Auction on your mobile device, and watch the lenders make the best offers for your business in a competitive, live transparent environment.

From the comfort of your home or in the metro ride on your way to work, Gullakh eliminates the need to meet with various lenders to negotiate the best deal. We also eliminate the risk of exposing your personal information and documents with the lowly paid, ill-trained sales agents. We respect your privacy and your right to Best Deal.

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