Gullakh’s Reverse Auction platform is a WIN-WIN Situation for all!


Gullakh is a free and neutral digital marketplace for credit worthy consumers to connect directly with lenders who bid online for your loan business.
Gullakh eliminates the middlemen from the transaction and it remains a free service, along with providing you with an Annual Credit Report Subscription, as a token of appreciation.
Lenders look for reliable customers while offering loans and are likely to be more aggressive to win these credit worthy customers. Gullakh is a digital marketplace that rewards good customers. If you have a good credit score, a steady income, and good banking habits, you’re an ideal customer for the lenders.
Lenders will see your masked profile to offer you a very competitive personalized interest rate on your loan.

Our partner lenders will see your:

  • Requested loan amount and tenure
  • Equifax credit score
  • Age
  • Income and obligations
  • Employer details

Your contact information gets shared with only the chosen lender only once you declare him a winner. Banks have high cost infrastructure, staff, branches and advertising to attract the right customers. All this adds up and creates a high cost of doing business.
Gullakh gives lenders ideal customers all at one place. This results in banks having a lower cost to find the ideal customer.

Let the Banks compete!

At Gullakh, we are dedicated to helping you find the best loan rates available. By increasing the competitiveness amongst our participating lenders on our innovative platform, we give you the benefit of having up to ten lenders competing to win your business with their lowest loan rate and processing fee.

“It takes as little as 3 minutes to start a Reverse Auction at, and it’s 100% obligation and cost free”

Finally, you can achieve an incredibly low interest rate without the hassle of dealing with multiple banks and loan agents.

We understand that finding the lowest home loan interest rate quickly and simply is incredibly important. That’s why, at Gullakh, our live reverse auction platform puts you in total control – all from the convenience of your smart phone. Together with Gullakh, you can find the best interest rates – that will put more money back into your pocket. That’s how we coined our tagline- “Savings G Bhar Ke”