Fast-Track Your Search For The Best Loan

Applying for a loan can be a daunting task for many. Even for the ones, who understand banking well, getting the best rates and terms is incredibly tough.Finding the lowest interest rate and favorable terms on a loan can be difficult and time-consuming.

Though not anymore. You don’t have to involve in negotiations with lenders or engage a DSA(Direct Sales Agent) or a Chartered Accountant. We, Team Gullakh, make it simple for you.

We Act As a Matchmaker Between You and the Lenders

Whereas in the past finding the best home loan rates might involve weeks of search, both offline and online, meetings and an assortment of confusing home loan calculators. Gullakh can help you find the best home loan rate quickly and conveniently.

“Gullakh is a neutral, online platform created by ex-bankers, which ensures your loan search is simple and your rates and loan terms are the best.”

We act as a matchmaker between you and the lenders, giving you the ability to watch them bid for your business in REAL-TIME. With Gullakh, you will feel empowered as a borrower.

We Protect and Guard Your Information

When placing a Request For Quote (Your Loan requirements) on our LoanTender platform, your details are completely private. They are shared only with the bank which YOU will select as the winning bidder. Unless you select a lender, your details remain confidential. That’s a promise.

By using LoanTender, you avoid giving your details to a loan comparison website, which all too often results in the bombardment of phone calls and spam emails.Instead, you can enjoy the peace and convenience that our LoanTender platform brings.

Find a Better Home Loan Rate – Fast

One of the reasons why people dislike using loan brokers and doing their own negotiations with lenders is that it can take weeks to find a competitive loan rate.

However, with Gullakh, this isn’t the case.

“When you start a LoanTender, you get the best loan offers within 2 working days”

You can just sit back and relax as the bidding war rages on between your potential lenders.

No need to wait for weeks and have meeting after meeting with banks. With Gullakh, the lenders are brought to you. You don’t even need to leave the house!