Am I Eligible for A Reverse Auction at

How does match-making happen?

Gullakh matches good-profiles, high creditworthy customers with its lending partners who compete LIVE with their best interest rates and other terms.

To find a good match a profile needs to meet 3 requirements:

A healthy credit score

The credit score determines the risk associated while lending to the borrower. Higher the credit score, lower is the likeliness of default and lower is the interest rate and processing fee. One needs to have a Equifax Credit Score of 650 and above to start a Reverse Auction at

A steady income

A steady income indicates that you’re comfortable in repaying the loan. Not only your income but your employer’s profile will help you in getting the lower interest rate on loans.

Good banking habits

Lenders scrutinize your bank statements to determine your banking habits. Healthy average bank balance(ABB), no ECS/cheque returns, no charges for ABB non-maintenance indicate your banking discipline and liquidity.

Is there any fees charged for Reverse Auction?